From the Post-Op Onwards

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Don't bother me.  I'm on Lupron and I can rip your freakin' head off!

Hello Blogesphere, I'm back!

How's everyone?  Did you guys miss me?  'Cause I did miss you all...

So, I really did miss out on a lot of things here ei???

Well, as for me and my journey, there's been too many things that have taken place since my last update and I can't think of a better way than to enumerate them all just to keep you guys updated and here they go...

08-Jan-2012.  I was woken up at 6:00 AM by one of the nurses to remove the IV Fluid attached.  It still wasn’t easy to move around yet but I was advised to try walking around to wake my system up for they still might be on sleep due to the anesthesia.  At 11:00 AM, they finally freed me from the Catheter. 

09-Jan-2012.  Been spotting for the past two days and I’m glad that the red flag gave me a break this time. I was still in pain but it was tolerable.  Planned to do a little walking but I haven’t been gone far enough from my room when I met Dr. SAA and her team down the hallway and was asked to go back to my room for they will have to check me up first.  I went back so willingly and the team checked my wounds and asked one of their members to clean and change the dressing.  After a few interrogations and exchange of words, they then decided that I am now free and ready to be discharged.  So, I immediately grabbed my mobile phone to inform Sir Bug about the discharge and the need for him to pick me up.  It was a good thing that one of my colleagues has gifted me with a red cotton dress which I changed into as soon as I got myself out of the patient gown and wore while on my way back home.  

10-Jan-2012.  Bled once again.  Though it was light, it did freaked me out specially that I am, at that time, already at home where no nurse can be called up for help.  Is this normal or what??? 

11-Jan-2012.  The bleeding went from light to medium and it really was freaking me out.  Talked to my mom over Skype and asked her to ask my aunt who works in a hospital to ask their OB Gyne Consultant if what was I experiencing that time was normal or not.  Thank God, they said that there was no need to worry for what I was experiencing was just normal.

12-Jan-2012.  Now, the bleeding went from medium to heavy and it was, indeed, painful.  Is this AF or what???  Ooopps, by the way, for the first time after my surgery, I pooped! 

13-Jan-2012.  The flow went down from heavy to medium.  I did a little research on the net and learned from one doctor that Aunt Flow (AF) is possible if you've ovulated prior to having the surgery performed. 

14-Jan-2012.  The flow finally went down to light and hoped that it will finally go away. 

15-Jan-2012.  No more flow but only spotting.  Yay! 

16-Jan-2012.  I’m finally free from flow and spotting.  Still wasn’t easy to move around though… 

18-Jan-2012.  The spotting stroke back. 

19-Jan-2012.  Still spotting… 

20-Jan-2012.  No more spotting.  I feel like as though I am trapped in Big Brother’s House.  I am, at that time, missing the outside world… 

21-Jan-2012.  This is it, I finally was able to see the outside world.  Had a 5:30 PM Follow-Up Check-Up with the doc.  Sir Bug picked me up at 4:00 PM and we went straight to our office to meet with my boss.  I am feeling a lot better and can now move around more freely.  Learned from my boss that I was granted a 28-Day Sick Leave beginning from the Date of Admission.  I was on the 16th Day and is feeling really bored at home.  As for the check-up, I didn’t get to see Dr. ANB but another doctor instead.  There was nothing significant derived from that visit. 

23-Jan-2012.  Had another round of Follow-Up Check-up at 9:30 AM but went on early because of hubby’s schedule.  I was dropped off in the office at around 7:30 AM and stayed in there for a while.  Since I’ve been feeling like I’m a prisoner at my own home, my boss and I gave Dr. ANB a call to ask if it’s possible that I return back to work without consuming the whole 28 days of it.  As per hospital’s policy and Dr. ANB’s stand, 28 days is the standard number of Sick Leaves that must be granted for my kind of procedure and he cannot recommend something shorter than that.  However, he added up that it is up to me if I feel that I am strong and fit enough to return for work.  To double check things up, we called the Human Resources (HR) Department and inquired about the possibility.  Luckily, they said it’s possible!  Strange though…  But I am happy and really did plan to come back for work on the 21st Day.  I don’t want to consume my whole 30 Days Sick Leave Allotment in one blow and during the first month of the year.  Most importantly, I plan to file for an Annual Vacation two (2) weeks after my return.  Need to cool things up you know???  As for the Follow-Up Check-Up, I’ve learned for the first time from Dr. Fatima that one of the reasons why Dr. ANB and Dr. RZ decided to push through with the Laparotomy was because the Endometrioma was too attached or close to the Endometrial Wall.  We also talked about my Fallopian Tubes and its condition that prompted her to write a request for a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) which must be done right after my period.  Yeah right, I hope the surgery didn’t mess up with my cycle! 

25-Jan-2012.  It’s my 35th Birthday and I sure am so glad for all of God’s blessings.  I hosted a small gathering at home for close friends and relatives.  ‘Twas also a Thanksgiving Party for a Successful Surgery. 

28-Jan-2012.  Returned back to work and just in time for the Monthly Reports.  Not much moving needed but work is a little brain-draining… 

10-Feb-2012.  Experienced Medium Bleeding.  I guessed that was AF messing around with me and she's a week early!  Still experienced some cramps but not as bad as it used to. 

11-Feb-2012.  Woke up with lots of big rashes all over.  The bleeding went on from medium to heavy.  Working isn’t comfortable at this state so I have to rush myself to the Employee Health Clinic (EHC) and was diagnosed with an Acute Urticaria.  Oh no! 

12-Feb-2012.  The flow went down from heavy to medium.  Still having those awful cramps.

14-Feb-2012.  The bleeding is now down from medium to light and I felt a lot better now.  In fact, I even managed to visit the mall and paid GNC Live Well Store and got myself a bottle of Dong Quai. 

15-Feb-2012.  Started taking two (2) 565mg capsules of GNC Dong Quai twice a day.  So far, I haven’t felt any violent reactions yet.

16-Feb-2012.  Feeling a little heavy after taking the last dose of Dong Quai for the day.  Felt like I wasn’t able to digest what I ate for dinner.  Slept early. 

17-Feb-2012.  Woke up at 12:00 MN due to urge of wanting to throw up.  Been vomiting from that time onward ‘til 6:00 AM where there is nothing more to throw.  Okay, I think I have to stop talking Dong Quai for a while.  Was only able to sleep at 11:00 AM. 

22-Feb-2012.  Scheduled for an HSG.  Had to report an hour early for a Pregnancy Test which I am sure will turn out to be a negative.  Took  two (2) tablets of Advil an hour before my scheduled HSG but was administered with another round of Diclofenac Sulfate Tablet prior to the procedure.  Ouch, thought I had myself prepared for this one but it still hurt!  I was advised me not to worry if bleeding occurs in the next few days ‘cause it’s all normal…  Their prediction is definitely right 'cause I bled right away and not just bled - I bled with clots.!  Yeah right, with clots just like those that comes out during AF's visit!  Oh, by the way, according to the doc, the right tube was blocked.  What the?!? 

27-Feb-2012.  Follow-Up Check-Up with Dr. ANB.  He told me not to worry about the blockage because it was caused by the adhesions resulted from the surgery.  He said that it’ll definitely work that way since the scars are still healing.  I still have the other tube in tact anyways…  I also asked him if I am now alright to try for a baby and he answered with a big “YES”.  Haha, Sir Bug will be happy to hear about this!  Then, he called the pharmacy and asked for the availability of Lupron.  Lupron?  Yeah, I had my first shot of Lupron Depot administered that day.  Don’t know what’s going to happen next but since it’s free and Dr. ANB was a very credible one, I didn’t object to it.  I will be on Lupron for the next two (2) months by the way…

So I guess these were all it.  I know I’ve written a lot and I hope you guys won’t be bored with me.  I’ve been super busy these past days both with work and at home that I can’t even find time to log-in and check my Facebook Account.  Today, I thank God for He has given me this freedom to check my blog and squeeze in some time to write an update before February ends.  Also, I thank you all, especially you Jess for keeping in touch.  God bless us all in this journey!