The Moment of Truth

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It was around 1:00 AM when I was wakened up by the pain where my cut was.  So there it is, I guessed the anesthesia's finally wearing off...

Though moving around aggravates the pain, I still exerted some effort to reach out for the Nurse Call Button and asked for some help.  Soon after, Nurse Sari came in for reinforcement.  I told her about the pain and based on our assessment, the pain can easily be relieved by taking two 500 MG tablets of Acetaminophen which I did so willingly.

The meds must really be fast acting since I immediately fell asleep.

However, after two hours of sleep, I was, once again, this time, wakened up, by a higher degree of pain.  Again, I grabbed the Nurse Call Button and Nurse Sari came in almost instantly.  I told her that the pain is advancing in terms of degree and she gave me a shot of an Injectible Pain Reliever which I think was very effective since I fell asleep instantaneously.

The morning rays coming from the window woke me up at 7:00 AM.  Just in time for breakfast...

Not long enough, two of my Co-Workers came to visit me in my room and joined me for breakfast. My appetite seems to have changed a bit since I was not able to consume a whole piece of the pancake served.  Even though,  I think their visit did helped as I was enjoying the meal and having fun...

It was around 8:00 AM when the two had to bid me goodbye since the Nurses and the Physicians just started their Morning Rounds to check the condition of each patient confined in their Respective Wards.  Timely, as they are about to leave, the Nurse Manager and the other nurses came to me to check my vital signs which were still below the normal range.  Then, Dr. RZ came in to check me and asked for a piece of paper.  This is it, I finally will be able to learn what changes has actually taken place inside of me.

I must admit, I was hoping for some good news but I guessed things doesn't actually work exactly the way we wanted it to...

She began the conversation with the good news of learning that my Right Ovary is very much defined from the Endometrioma which means that I get to keep both of my ovaries.  She also confirmed what I have overheard from the Nurses -- that a Laparoscopic Procedure was initially performed but, unfortunately, the cyst ruptured and they had to proceed to a Laparotomy.  She told me that while doing so, they noticed some small fibroids in the uterus but it wasn't harmful so I need not worry about it.  Also, they discovered that a small cyst is starting to develop near my Left Ovary but Dr. ANB decided not to touch it for they do not see it as a threat.  Furthermore, it was also noticed that though my Left Tube is of a normal size, the Right Tube is enlarged and that another procedure, not necessarily invasive, must be performed after two months to check whether it is empty or blocked.  Moreover, I was also told that they found and removed some adhesions located in the uterus and in the Left Pelvis.

On TTC matters, she told me that I still have to wait for another six months before I can get to try conceiving naturally.  She added that if nothing happened after six months of trying, they might have to give me some Trigger Shots and lastly, recommend that I proceed to either an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Dr. RZ might have noticed that I am a bit wearisome that she told me to concentrate first on getting well and we'll work on the other matters after two months.  She gave me a lot of comforting words before she left me alone but honestly, I can't actually remember all those good words as I am, once again, hit by the not so good news that I just learned.

I tried my best to relax and not think about what I just learned but I really can't help it.  Well, you can't blame me...  After having been done with one problem, I am now faced with another issue!

Anyhows, I sure am glad and thankful that one problem has already been resolved without costing me some money.  God really is good.  I just need to trust Him.  Let Him guide me through...

The Post-Op

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From a Laparoscopy to a Laparotomy

After a few hours in the dark, I finally get to open my eyes and the first image to imprint my consciousness was Dr. RZ standing by at my right.  Without wasting a second, I immediately spoke and held her at the hand and asked, "What happened Doctor?".  She held me back, smiled and answered me with these words, "Later...  I'll tell you everything you wanted to know!"  Then I closed my eyes and felt as if my bed was being pushed and moved to another direction.

As I slowly am gaining my consciousness, I started to hear voices believed to be owned by two or three Female Nurses who seems to be talking and grasping their breath while pushing something...

"What did they do to this patient?  What type of operation did they performed?"
"They were initially performing a Laparoscopic Procedure but while on the process of doing so, the cyst ruptured and so they have to proceed to a Laparotomy to clean everything up."
"I think they also have found and removed some adhesions located in the uterus and the pelvis..."

The moving feeling stopped and it was at that point when I gained almost 80-90% of my consciousness and one of the Female Nurses spoke to me to inform me that I will be transferred to the bed beside me and that they may need all the help and energy that I can give to successfully do so.  I must admit, it wasn't that easy but I was able to move and flipped myself sidewards get myself to the other bed.  Then, they fixed me up, checked my vital signs and asked, "How are you feeling?  Any dizziness or a feeling of wanting to throw up?"  I answered, "I feel hungry!"  Then they laughed, fixed the IV Fluid attached to my left hand, told me that I am in a Catheter and that they will order food for me and they finally left the room.

I turned to look on my left and found some Co-Workers smiling at me and told me that they just wanted to check me out before they call it a day.  I looked at the window and noticed that it was already dark outside and, out of curiosity, asked for the current time.  I was told that it was already 6:00 PM and that it'll be better if i get some rest so they all bid me goodbye.

I tried to calm myself but since it was already clear prior to me coming to the Operating Room (OR) that Sir Bug will come to visit me soon after he got off from work, I cannot help but worry why he is still not around.  And since my mobile phone is in my bag which is inside the cabinet, I crawled to get close to the land line phone and dial our home number to check if he's already at home.  Unfortunately, according to our flatmate, he still wasn't home yet and that made me even worry more.

Nurse Sari came to check me out while she was followed by the Food Server whom she informed that I now can be put into a Regular Diet.  Initially, I was served with a Regular Meal but after a few minutes, the Food Server came back and replaced it with a Soft Diet.  It was at that point that I felt really hungry and grabbed the food.  I think I consumed everything up in a matter of three minutes or so...

It was already 7:00 PM when Sir Bug finally came in.  I gave him a hug and a kiss of course!  He told me that  he came straight to my room at around 5:00 PM but did not find me so he proceeded to the Female Ward Information Desk and was informed by one of the nurses that I am still in OR and advised him to come back after two hours which he did.

He showed me the flowers and the chocolates that was on the side table which my boss and colleagues has brought me. We talked for a while and then I remembered that my family way back home might be worried and might also been waiting for some good news so I asked the nurse for my tab for I need to give them a call.

The moment I received the tab, I immediately logged in to Skype and there, as expected, my brother was logged in hoping for some news to come right away.  I made a videocall and was so happy to see both Mom & Dad who were also happy to learn that the surgery went on fine.  We had like thirty minutes of talk while Sir Bug, on the other hand, is also engaged in a videocall with my Mom and Sister-In-Law to update them as well with the good news.  It felt so good inside learning that there are a lot of people that has been praying for you.  I am so blessed!

Nurse Sari, again, came to check my vital signs and while doing so, Sir Bug noticed that my blood pressure was kinda' low.  James and the other Housekeeping Staff Members who also came to visit noticed that my pulse rate, as indicated in the monitor, is kinda' above the normal range so they asked me how am I feeling and I just told them I am fine!

The Visiting Hour is almost about to end and so Sir Bug and the others decided to go.  I was, again, left alone in the Room with Nurse Sari who, for the Nth time, checked my vital signs before putting me into sleep.  She turned the lights off and I closed my eyes...

Surgery Finally Performed

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It wasn't easy to move around with a needle inserted to your veins.  Ouch!

A blessed new year to all!

I know that my greetings might probably be too late but please allow me to wish each and every one of you to have a blessed 2012 and let the Year of the Dragon fill us all who wishes to conceive with the baby dusts that we all need.

Soon after Christmas, your Lady Bug here has been really busy with all the reports and work endorsements  that must be met prior to 06-January-2012.  Since the current year is about to end and the new year is a few days away, I have to work seriously on both the End-of-the-Month and End-of-the-Year Reports.  Not to mention, I also need to train the new staff who shall take over my position while I am on a Sick Leave.  As a result, I get to abandon the Bloggersphere for a while which I really felt guilty with.

Anyhows, unlike the long wait for 16-December-2011, 06-January-2012 arrived too soon that I haven't even realized that I need to pack my things up for I have to admitted by 10:59 AM.  In fact, one of the Admission Nurses have to give me a call to confirm my appointment and to remind me to come before lunchtime.

Sir Bug and I arrived fifteen minutes late and everything seems to move in a fast pace until finally, I am left alone in the Patient Room where the long day begun.  Nurses kept coming in and out of my room to monitor my vital signs and so were the Food Servers of which all the meals they brought in has satisfied my seems to be undying hunger.

It was at 10:00 PM when Nurse Sari came in and ask me to take a shower and change into the Patient Gown.  She told me that it would be better to do it that night than do it early the next day wherein I am supposedly scheduled to have the operation at 9:00 AM.  She also asked me to drink the tea for I shall not be allowed to have any of those solid foods nor a gulp of water beginning from 12:00 MN onwards.

I can't exactly remember how many times she made a trip to my room just to check my vital signs but it was at around 4:30 AM the next morning when she woke me up and gave me a chance to clean up before changing into the Operation Gown which I did so willingly.  Then, she asked me to go back to sleep and bid me goodbye and good luck for she shall be out by 5:00 AM.  She's so sweet!

Nonetheless, after a few hours, no progress seems to take place so I asked Bee, the The Day Nurse, if she have any idea as to what time will my surgery be.  She told me honestly that she is actually clueless since my name is not in the list and that another patient is being monitored in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which might need the Operation Theater any time of that day.  I felt so hungry and frustrated that I just slept it out.

It was at 1:30 PM when the Nurse Manager woke me up and told me that I am now to be brought to the Operating Room (OR).  She told me that if there is anything that I need to do, I better do now and do it quickly.  Without wasting time, I went to the toilet to peeh and immediately grab my tab to send Sir Bug a message telling him that I am now due for operation.

Everything went on too fast and before I even knew it, I was already in OR being interviewed by some familiar faces.  The Anesthesiologist came to me and informed me that he is now about to sedate me before injecting something in the tubes attached to my left hand.  Slowly, my eyes grew heavy and I don't know if I was dreaming or what but my last memory was seeing myself in another room with two or three staff in blue on my left, some unlighted plates above me and it seems like a group of people reached for my arms and tied them still.  Then, everything was black...