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I must admit that this "trying to conceive" thing is somewhat stressful and I am trying to find relief through this blog. I just thought that it might be helpful if I keep a journal and document every battle I face to combat infertility.

A Whole New Perspective

I have realized that I've taken this trying to conceive thing too seriously that I've let a lot of things ran me over. My senses has finally came back and from this day forward, I will try to take this journey a bit lightly. I will try to walk myself through this in a whole new perspective.

Bloody Blood Tests

But that doesn't worry me much. Instead, the thing that I am really upset with is having the CA 125 highly elevated than it should supposed to be and I really find it hard to relax learning from the net that high levels of CA 125 is associated with an ovarian tumor or cancer.

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Escape to Bahrain

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One of My Favorites so far...

Hello everyone, I'm back!

It’s been a while since I came back from Bahrain but I haven’t posted anything yet for I’ve been too busy since I came back that I can’t find enough time to write.

I wasn’t able to visit the places that I initially intended to but I did have lots of fun with the company of friends.  This vacation actually became more like of  a Road Trip rather than the Outdoor Adventure that I have visualized.  Well, no surprise to that for Sir Big and I do love to travel in our car and the long drive is actually one of our bonding moments.

We started the ride early in the morning and here’s a shot I’ve taken while we were crossing the border:

The Road to Bahrain

We spent most of our time visiting friends and took advantage of the opportunity of having to see a movie in a big screen.  I was actually expecting that we get to watch “The Bourne Legacy” but unfortunately, it isn’t showing yet in Bahrain so we proceed onto watching “The Expendables 2” which we also have enjoyed watching.

Taken at City Centre Mall in Manama

The Atrium

However, Sir Bug and I weren’t able to feed our thirst for alcohol since the trip’s timing was within the Holy Month of Ramadan and most of the clubs and other night spots were closed at that time.  Nonetheless, we were able to satisfy our cravings for pork.  Yeah, we did pigged-out on pork out there.  Yum!

And of course, the picture-savvy I went on taking photos of the road and different sites that awe me.  Even this car wasn’t spared.  I feel like a stalker.  Lol!

Stalking an Orange Audi TT

And what’s the biggest deal in this trip?  Well, apart from the fact we were able to get a decent hotel room for a fairly good price, the hospitality that we received from friends did played a major role in saving our pockets from being drained.  Awesome isn’t it?

The Hotel Room

Pretty Nice Pool Ei?

I wish I could share everything one by one but I don’t have much time to write it all.  I need to go back working.  Bye for now!