My Journey's Timeline

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I married the man of my dreams but have to immediately bid him goodbye for he lives and work in a land far far away from mine.

Last day at work. Bid my co-workers goodbye for I will soon fly away to live with my dear husband in the land so far far away.

Bid my family goodbye for I'll be flying soon to that distant land where my dear husband is at.

Finally reunited with my dear husband!

First day at work. Beginning of a new saga.

Too bad I have to leave the people that I learned to love for a better opportunity. It's not easy to say no to a more financially rewarding offer!

I begun working in hell!

I survived 7 months of working in hell but I have mixed emotions since I'll be a bum the next day.

Yay, I'm finally back working. This time, I am blessed with a good boss. Thank you Lord!

Went to a Family Doctor to ask for relief. Aunt Flow is taking it hard on me. Was referred to a Gynecologist.

My 1st visit to the Gynecologist. Initially, I'm seeking for an Endometriosis relief but ended up asking to be treated for infertility. Was required to undergo through a pelvic ultrasound and a series of blood works as well as a semen analysis for my dear husband.

I survived 1 year of working in the new environment. My dear husband and I finally decided to start working on our own family. We now wanted to have a baby!

According to PinkPad, I am scheduled to ovulate today. Baby dancing, here we come!

Day 21 of Cycle No. 1. Scheduled for a blood test. Cramps, fatigue and very irritable. Am I pregnant?

Undergone a pelvic ultrasound. The tech told me that she can't see my right ovary since a cyst was blocking the view. I don't think that's a good thing...

Cramps, backaches, headaches, sore boobs and heart burns. Am I having some early pregnancy symptoms or was it just because my period is fast approaching?

Submitted specimen for dear husband's Semen Analysis Report. Took him quite a while to be able collect it...

I really feel like I am pregnant. Peed on a stick and it instantly gave me a neg. To my disappointment, I immediately put it aside but I don't know what came into my mind and came to check it after 3 hours. Oh no, there's a faint 2nd line! Ooopps, don't get too excited for there's a big chance that it might not be accurate...

Aunt Flow should supposed to come today but she's a no show. I might really be pregnant!

Goodness, Aunt Flow just showed her ugly face and snatched all my hopes!

Day 2 of Cycle No. 2. Another round of blood works performed.

Scheduled to see the doc. According to him, my hormones and dear husband's semen were of normal values except for some factors that might be due to a collection or analysis error. Another round of blood works was conducted.

Our third wedding anniversary. 3 years @ 11-11-11!

Literally dreamt of a BFP!

Found a light brown spot on the pad. Considered this day as CD1 of TTC Cycle No. 3.

Back to the Fertility Clinic for a follow-up check-up. According to the doc, all my hormones are at a normal level and that I shall be scheduled for a Laparoscopy and a Laparotomy.

Oh great, surgery is scheduled on the 17th and I am spotting!

Scheduled to be admitted at 10:59 AM.  Went to check-in but saw Dr. ANB and informed him that I've started to bleed.  He then recommended that we postpone the surgery to avoid future complications as I'll be prone to infection if we push through with the activity.

9:00 AM and I should supposed to have this ugly cyst out of my body but due to AF, I am again in pain.  Boo!

Admitted to the hospital for the Pre-Ops.  Oh how I'm missing all the fun at home!

Laparoscopy & Laparotomy performed.  Although a few hours late...

Broke free from IV Fluid and the Catheter.

Discharged from the hospital @ 11:00 AM.

Experienced Vaginal Bleeding with some clots.  I think this is my period.  Learned from the net that this could be possible if you O'd prior to the surgery.

Bleeding has finally stop.  Still spotting though...

Follow-up check-up @ 5:30 PM.  I finally saw the Outside World!

Another follow-up At 9:30 AM. 

28-Jan-2012 .  Returned back to work

10-Feb-2012 .  Experienced Medium Bleeding.  AF is a week early!  Still experienced some cramps but not as bad as it used to. 

11-Feb-2012.  Woke up with lots of big rashes all over.  The bleeding went on from medium to heavy.  Working isn’t comfortable at this state so I have to rush myself to the Employee Health Clinic (EHC) and was diagnosed with an Acute Urticaria.  Oh no! 

12-Feb-2012 .  The flow went down from heavy to medium.  Still having those awful cramps.

14-Feb-2012 .  The bleeding is now down from medium to light and I felt a lot better now.  In fact, I even managed to visit the mall and paid GNC Live Well Store and got myself a bottle of Dong Quai. 

15-Feb-2012 .  Started taking two (2) 565mg capsules of GNC Dong Quai twice a day.  So far, I haven’t felt any violent reactions yet.

16-Feb-2012 .  Feeling a little heavy after taking the last dose of Dong Quai for the day.  Felt like I wasn’t able to digest what I ate for dinner.  Slept early. 

17-Feb-2012 .  Woke up at 12:00 MN due to urge of wanting to throw up.  Been vomiting from that time onward ‘til 6:00 AM where there is nothing more to throw.  Okay, I think I have to stop taking Dong Quai for a while.  Was only able to sleep at 11:00 AM. 

22-Feb-2012 .  Had an HSG and it's Pre-Requisite -- a Pregnancy Test!  Of course, the Pregnancy Test turned out to be a (BFH) but according to the Doc, the dye did not went through my Right Tube?  What the?!? 

27-Feb-2012 .  Follow-Up Check-Up and was told not to worry about the blockage because it was caused by the adhesions resulted from the surgery.  Administered with my 1st Lupron Depot Shot.

15-Mar-2012 .  AF stroke back.  So what cycle am I really in?

26-Mar-2012 .  Had my 2nd Lupron Depot Shot.

19-Apr-2012.  Flying back home for a month-long vacation.  Yahoo, I'll be stress-free for a month!

28-Apr-2012.  Missed my 3rd Lupron Depot Shot.

26-May-2012.  Went back to work.

28-May-2012 .  Follow-Up Check-Up with Dr. AMS.  Refused to take the Missed 3rd Lupron Shot as well as to continue with the shots for the next three (3) months.  Got an Abdominal Scan Referral and was asked to come back on the 2nd Day of my next cycle.

16-June-2012.  Scheduled for another round of Abdominal Scan.

17-July-2012.  For the first time after almost six (6) months, I get to have a tons of Milky Discharge.  I have to keep myself very busy!

01-July-2012.  AF finally showed up after three (3) months of absence.  Never thought I'll be this much excited to see her.

02-July-2012.  Went for a Follow-Up Check-up.  Prescribed to take Clomid from CDs 2-6 for the next three (3) months.  Wish me luck!

04-July-2012. Started charting my Basal Body Temperature (BBT).

06-July-2012.  Finished with my 1st Round of Clomid.  Started Taking Baby as well.  I'm feeling very positive for this month!

08-July-2012. Started taking two (2) teaspoons of Robitussin three (3) times daily.

16-July-2012. Got a + OPK and stopped taking Robitussin as well.

30-July-2012. CD30 and AF is a no show.  POASed and got a BFN.