Waiting for the Big "O"

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I cannot help but stress myself as when am I supposed to ovulate.  I’ve been peeing on a stick since Cycle Day (CD) No. 9 and yet, the test lines seem to be so faint that it worries me if I am to ovulate this cycle or not.  I know that my body would respond a lot better if I am relaxed but things are indeed easier said than done.

Luckily, I didn’t get to have much of the talked-about side effects of Clomid.  It’s just that I am more consumed in having to succeed conceiving within this cycle.  I really hope that my body will respond well with the pill and that I need not take it further.

In my desire to successfully be able to conceive within this cycle, I tried, for the first, charting my temperature and utilizing an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK).  Frankly, I kinda’ like the idea of doing both but the inconvenience of having to find the right OPKs here in Saudi and its cost is a pain in the ass.  I tried ordering it online along with those sperm-friendly lubricants but, unfortunately, both EBay and Amazon doesn’t ship it to my location.  So I guessed I have to be contented on what is available here and be more creative.

But God is good.  He make things happen even if it is not exactly the way we expected them to be.  I might not have been able to find Clear Blue here but at least I still was able to find some which also serves the same purpose – Ovu-Sure and Femtest.

Ovu-Sure comes in six cassettes while Femtest comes in five.  I used Ovu-Sure from CD9-14 and Femtest from CD15-17.  And since it was my first time to use such, I struggled in interpreting the results.  It’s a good thing that there’s a number of support communities online who had helped me with it.

I’ve uploaded a photo of the OPKs that I had from CD15-17 and most of the ladies out there agreed that I did have a positive on the CD16 which means that I am most likely to ovulate on CD17.  Now, what bothered me upon learning this is if I was able to catch the window?  I hope I did…

Today’s CD18 and while writing this, I just felt a short sharp shooting pain on my right which brings me hope.  Oh Lord, I lift everything up to you.  Please take control.  Amen.


Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Looks promising. I hope that was it!

Lady Bug said...

Same here my dear. I really hope that was it!

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