Merry Christmas!

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December has really been a very hectic month for me.  I was so busy here and there with this and that that I didn't have much time to write.

Well...  On the other hand, there is actually nothing to write about for there has been not much development with regards to my journey to conception.

However, let me share some of the photos taken during our Christmas Eve Dinner. 


Trying to Set the Mood!

I'm no good in Table Setting and Arrangements!

A view from below...

Oh pretty flowers!

What's Serving?

My Fruit Basket!

A Basket of Fruits with some Home-Made Muffins

For those who wanted to go vegan!

Not to forget about the Buttered Mixed Vegetables...

Oh Seafood Pasta!

Steamy Salmon

Not without the Steak!

Delightful Choco & Caramel Cake

Mini Mini Muffins

For some, our menus might not be that special but we all put our hearts into it and had so much fun while doing so.  Our dining table might not be as abundant as with the others but we celebrated the Christmas Eve full of love together with a close number of friends and relatives.

The preparations might be a little stressful for all of us since Christmas is a no special day here in the Middle East.  We all have to work until 5:00 PM and rush ourselves to make it on time.  No matter how stressful the preparations were, everything was worth it.  Our hearts were filled with joys and laughter - Enough to warm our hearts and for us to temporarily forget how far we are from home.  Everything was priceless...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Surgery Rescheduled

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I think I was finally over with the frustrations brought about by Aunt Flow’s untimely visit.  I just thought that it would be much better if I look at it the other way around and let not anxiety consume me up – It would be much healthier that way!

I came to accept the fact that it might be God’s will to delay the surgery for He may have planned things to be so much better than how and what I’ve expected them to be.  By this, He opened both my eyes and my heart to see the beauty behind the ironies.

Though only a few knows about my supposedly scheduled surgery, they were all surprised when they saw me at work yesterday morning.  Of course, curiosity was in the air but I am glad that I am blessed with a bunch of intelligent and understanding co-workers that I need not re-tell the situation over and over again in order for the matter to sink into their minds.  They have such broad understanding and their mouths were all gifted with those kind words of encouragements that have really brought me peace.

I also have learned that one of them has actually gone as far as monitoring the Ward’s and Operating Theatre’s Schedule just to check me out and that the other co-worker has also coordinated with the Horticulture Section to prepare a flower bouquet for me.  Such simple gestures have really touched my heart.  I felt so loved!

Unlike the other day, I felt so different this morning while I was heading to Dr. ANB’s Clinic.  I no longer feel that heaviness in the heart and everything seems to be fine now.  I was even surprised to instantly able to get a hold of Dr. ANB who initially rescheduled the surgery on the 31-December-2011 but was opposed by me.  

Yes, that’s right.  It was I who objected!

I told him that it would be so much better if we can reschedule it on 07-January-2012 so that I’ll be able to complete the Department’s Monthly and Annual Accomplishment Reports before I go on leave.  With a smile, Dr. ANB responded with these words, “Your department must take good care of you for you are taking good care of your department.”

Wow, I just had another compliment!  One that is good enough to keep me going...

Frustrated and Wanting to Freak Out!

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Oh great, Aunt Flow just showed her ugly face.  She's a few days early and is just in time for my surgery.  What an excellent timing...


This is really frustrating.  After all that I've been through just to have this schedule set, I am now back to ground zero.  I am so disappointed!

I am supposed to be admitted at 10:59 AM but because of Aunt Flow, Dr. ANB decided to reschedule the surgery to avoid future complications.  He's afraid that a possible infection could take place if we push through with the activity.

Though I am agreeable to Dr. ANB's decision, I can't help but feel distressed.  Apart from the fact that Aunt Flow just spoiled my supposedly Christmas Break, I am so mad that Sir Bug and I still need to hold on a little longer before we, again, can try to conceive.  I feel so sad and wanted to freak out!

Mixed Emotions

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Hello everyone!  It's already been two weeks since my last update.  Your Lady Bug here has been very busy with both work and social matters that I almost didn't realize that my surgery will be due in two to three days time.  Given that fact, I am now experiencing that mixed emotions of excitement, fear and joy.  I actually do not know what exactly should I feel since I don't know what lies ahead of me.  I just hope everything will turn out right and I am lifting everything up to God.

Should the scheduled appointment be followed, my admission is at 10:59 AM of Friday but the actual surgery shall take place on Saturday morning.  As per Dr. ANB's recommendations, I must be hospitalized for five days where thinking about it makes me weak on the knees.  I don't want to be stuck in the ward for five days without Sir Bug!

Well, just to let you ladies know, I'll be brought directly to the Female Ward after my recovery wherein the said ward is inaccessible to Males.

Inaccessible to Males!

Yeah, that's right.  That's how things are in this hospital...

Anyhows, I have my girlfriends and some female co-workers who are willing to be with me during those times.  I think it's okay but it would be much better if Sir Bug can be by side during those crucial times.

Oh and I am already missing him!