Fingers Crossed for the 2nd Clomid Cycle

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After having been experienced the ecstasy of finally getting to see a BFP and suddenly been snatched out of it is really heartbreaking.  I actually don’t know where and how to begin.   I was really out of words…

But not for so long for I came to realize that there is no use crying over spilt milk.  The past cannot be undone and it would be so much better if we focus more of our energies to today so that we can have a favorable tomorrow.   We can always start anew, right?

So since I’ve started spotting on CD36, I went in to the clinic and requested for some blood works to be done.  I just figured out that if I am about to begin my 2nd Clomid Cycle, I might as well have that piece of mind that I am indeed safe to take the pill.

CD37 and the bleeding started bringing so much pain with her.  Oh it really sucks to have Endo! Anyhows, I obtained the results from the Lab that very same day.  And what do I expect apart from a BFN?  Isn’t it obvious specially that I am already bleeding?

Alas!  Stop bi+#*ing out lady.  You have to calm down remember?

It was a good thing that I was trained in my previous jobs to have control over my own emotions. Not an easy job though but it surely helps when I want to get myself motivated.  A big thanks to Napoleon Hill and all his writings.

Today is CD8 of my 2nd Clomid Cycle and I am finally done taking the pills.  I hope it’ll work for me this time.  I would definitely need all the tricks and prayers I can get.  Lol, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


Jess said...

prayers dear!

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Praying this works!

Lady Bug said...

Thank you ladies!

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