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My husband and I have been married for three years now.  Although we have been sexually been active all these years, it is quite intriguing how and why until this very moment, we have not been able to conceive despite of the fact that we have never been into contraceptives or any type of birth control methods.  This, certainly, have an impact on both of us that made us wonder far and more on what could have been wrong?  Could it be me?  Could it be him?  Could it be the both of us?  Could it be the lifestyle?  Could it be the timings?  Could it be just stress?  Or could it be just because we're not ripe for it yet?  There's so many "could it be's" in our minds waiting for the right answers that we've finally thought of making a little trip to the Fertility Clinic to find some light on these questions.

However, I must mention that our plan of finally starting our own family and of seeking medical advises and treatments were only known to some of our closest friends and relatives.  To this, you must forgive me for wanting to conceal my true identity for a period of time.  I must also admit that this "trying to conceive" thing is somewhat stressful and I am trying to find relief through this blog. I just thought that it might be helpful if I keep a journal and document every battle i face to combat infertility.  Who knows, God willing and the Creek don't rise, I will soon have this child of mine to look through this memento and show him or her how badly he or she was being wanted by his or her parents to be in this world and on how our good Lord was able to walk us through it.

And so my friends, I wish you will come and join me as I begin and end my battle against infertility.  Welcome to my journey to conception!


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